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Manufacturing, Research and Development

Ayurved Research Foundation is completely a research oriented manufacturing company offering a wide range of herbal products for health care and beauty. Our Research and Development Department produces safe, effective and high quality herbal products for health care and beauty.

Our research activities include:

Complete study of all the herbs and its characteristics

Accelerated stability studies are conducted

Identification and quantification of active ingredients in the formulations

Clinical studies

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of herbal products is ensured by proper control of the herbal ingredients and by means of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Quality Control

Ayurvedic Manufacturing, ResearchWe at Ayurved Research Foundation strive to maintain the quality of our herbal products, thus in addition to the standard manufacturing processes; we have our own stringent quality control systems. We make every effort to keep up the cleanliness and hygienic levels of our production unit right from the stage of procurement of raw materials. Moreover, each of our products undergoes various strict quality control checks not only through specialized machinery but also manually, under the guidance of our experts. Special concern is given to the packing of the ayurvedic medicines to keep their therapeutic properties intact for a longer period of time.

For the standardization of herbal products the parameters usually studied are:

Authentication and reproducibility of herbal ingredients
Foreign matters
Extractive values
Ash values
Heavy metals
Chromatographic profiles
Marker components

Safety in Herbal Medicines

Heavy metals
Toxicity study


Pharmacological tests
Clinical tests, skin irritation test

Monographs for Quality Control and Efficacy

Composition of drug by type and quantity
Form of application
Clinical data
Side effects (frequency and seriousness)
Use during pregnancy and lactation
Dosage, method of administration

Formulation and Development

Identification and quantification of active ingredients
Accelerated stability studies to check physical, chemical and microbiological aspects of formulations

Quality Management

Regulatory affairs prepare documents for product registration, GMP documentation and answering technical queries.

QA regulates the following parameters:

Collection, transport and storage of raw materials
Unit operation for herbs
Process validation
Sanitation and hygiene
Packing and finished goods checking
Storage of finished products


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification is the manifestation of the high quality of our ayurvedic medicines and herbal products.

A product can achieve a remarkable place in the market, only, when it gives effective results. Through last few years, our range of products has been well-known to provide great results for various types of diseases and ailments. The increasing demand of our products is the proof of their result-oriented nature. We offer ayurvedic medicines and herbal products in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, syrups and medicated oils.

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