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Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Pills, Increase Sexual Power Stamina In Men

Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Pills

4T Plus capsule is an advance herbal vitality formula for men which works effectively to increase libido, stamina and strength with stronger and harder erections. This powerful herbal supplement is composed of highest grade herbs, herbal extracts and natural ingredients which possess unique properties that in combination give synergistic effects. Kaunch, Vidarikand, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli and Salabmisri present in 4T Plus capsules are highly reputed herbs in enhancing energy, stamina and power in men and improving blood flow in the genital area.

4T Plus capsule is a uniquely formulated herbal erectile dysfunction pills for improving vigor and vitality. It is a safe non-hormonal herbal male stimulant that is effective in curing weakness in men, without any side effects. It brings about overall improvement of sexual function, libido, and improves lovemaking performance. It prepares male reproductive organs to last longer and perform better in bed. 4T Plus capsule is premium quality herbal product specially designed for men suffering from problems such as erectile dysfunction, weak erection, impotence, low sperm count and low libido.

Benefits of 4T Plus Capsules

Increases libido, desire and performance

Improves testosterone production

Increase sexual power and stamina in men

Allows men to last longer in bed

Improves strength, vigor and vitality

Cures erectile dysfunction or impotence

Corrects weak erection and premature ejaculation

Promotes semen production and increases sperm count

Reduces stress, depression and insomnia

Improves mood and feeling of wellbeing

Strengthens immune system

A large number of men after the age of 40 lose their interest in lovemaking acts. There are many factors that can negatively impact sex life and one of them is erectile dysfunction. ED problem mainly arises due to poor blood circulation which causes poor supply of blood in the genital areas. The lifestyle that many men live today plays a leading role in contributing this problem. Smoking, too much alcohol, saturated fatty food, using drugs etc play a part in deteriorating male health.

The active ingredients of 4T Plus capsules provide the much needed nutrition to the body, improve functioning of the reproductive organs and increase blood flow to the genital areas. 4T Plus capsules help men to set mood and desire for lovemaking, increase power and endurance and give stronger and harder erections. It prepares men to involve in repeated lovemaking episodes even after the age of 40. The potent ingredients of 4T Plus capsules increase male potency, fertility, semen production and both quality and quantity of sperms.

4T Plus capsules can be used by men of any age to improve their lovemaking performance and staying power in bed. It reignites the passion and desire for love act, revives the relationship and strengthens the bond between the couples. 4T Plus capsule is unique herbal erectile dysfunction pills formulated to correct low self esteem, lack of stamina, weakness and inability to last longer in bed. With years of research, only the time tested and proven herbs have been used for preparing this powerful herbal erectile dysfunction pills to electrify and rekindle the relationship.

4T Plus Capsule is useful in -

Erectile dysfunction
Weak erection
Male impotence
Premature ejaculation
Low sperm count
Low libido in men


Take one or two capsules of 4T Plus two times a day with milk or water. For long lasting results, continue the course for 2 to 3 months.

For penile weakness and erection problem, use 4T Plus capsules along with Mast Mood oil. A gentle massage of male organ with Mast Mood oil will heal the damaged and/or weak nerves and prepares the male organ for stronger and harder erections.

Increase Power Stamina
30 capsules $40 - Free
60 capsules $78 $2 Free
120 capsules
$150 $10 Free
240 capsules
(Best Save)
$290 $30 Free

4T Plus Capsule + Mast Mood Oil - Super Saver Combo Pack

Herbal ED Pills 60 Caps + 3 Oil $126 $2 Free
120 Caps + 6 Oil $230 $26 Free
180 Caps + 9 Oil (Recommended) $340 $44 Free
240 Caps + 12 Oil
(Best Save)
$434 $78 Free

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

4T Plus capsules consist of the following potent ingredients:

Kaunch (Mucuna Pruriens Bek) - It is astringent, laxative, anthelmintic, emollient, thermogenic, aphrodisiac, alexipharmic and health tonic. This herb is great source of minerals and is widely used for enhancing reproductive system's health and functioning, it increases sperm count, sperm motility, strength and stamina for better performance in bed.

Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa DC) - It has strong anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties, works as general health tonic by expelling toxins from the body, revitalize health and increase muscle mass. It is an excellent supplement for skin health and glowing skin. It works as strong aphrodisiac, increase central energy for mating, increases libido, increases sperm count, provide strong and hard erections.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) - It is one of the most important herbs, its benefits in increasing mental efficiencies are unparalleled, promotes blood flow in the body for strong muscles, higher energy levels and stamina. It revitalizes body, suppresses any sort of pains, anti-inflammatory, strong healing properties, boosts physical endurance and great stress buster with many other benefits. It is strong aphrodisiac, increase sperm count and motility, cures issues related to erections and provides upbeat health to reproductive systems and organs.

Shilajit (Asphaltum Puniabiunum) - This herbo-mineral compound promotes energy producing reactions in the body, promotes movements of minerals and vitamins in the body, provide higher energy levels, strength and stamina. It possesses strong anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It is immunity booster, anti-diabetic and treats arthritis and rheumatic arthritis effectively. It is potent herb for increasing mental efficiencies and curing stress, depression and mental exhaustion. It works as aphrodisiac and provides optimum flow of energy and stamina, vigor and strength and maintains age defying health and functioning of reproductive system.

Kuchala (Strychnos Nux-Vomica Linn) - This herb has wide ranging beneficial properties for sound health, it increases blood supply to body parts for nourishing them, improves functioning of five senses, reduces blood pressure, improves heart's health, heal wounds and ulcers and cures atonic dyspepsia. It is excellent reproductive system rejuvenator, promotes health of reproductive organs and facilitates their upbeat functioning, it cures ED and low libido very effectively.

Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) - It is very beneficial herb for men and especially for women. It has rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Its ability to moisten dry tissues of reproductive system, kidneys, lungs and stomach make it excellent aid for upbeat overall health. It is used to treat symptoms of menopause, PMS, infertility and low libido in women and for increasing milk production in lactating mothers. It maintains and improves health of reproductive system in males and females and works as potent aphrodisiac and libido enhancer.

Safed Musli (Asparagus Adscendens) - This herb has been used for curing debility, increasing energy and strength, it provides excellent nutritional support to the body for sound health and vigor. It is restorative herb and possesses anti-diabetic properties, it is used to treat digestive problems, cold, cough, arthritis, pre-natal and post-natal problems. It is strong aphrodisiac and provides optimum energy, strength, stamina and vigor for passionate love life. It cures impotency, increase sperm count, cures spermatorrhea, increase libido and cures poor ejaculation.

Semar (Bambax Malabaricum) - This herb is used as external and internal treatment for hemorrhages. It has strong restorative, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in curing dysentery, diarrhea, uterine bleeding and enlargement of spleen. It is widely used for curing premature ejaculation and provides maximum control over climax to a male by boosting health of reproductive organs and system.

Salabmisri (Orchis Mascula / Eulophia) - This herb is potent immunity booster, energy provider and possess great invigorating properties. Used in diabetes, chronic diarrhea, dysentery treatments and for removing debility of nervous system. It is also used for removing worms in children. It is strong aphrodisiac and boost up reproductive system's health and its performance by increasing nerve responses and energy levels.

Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum Linn) - This herb is well known for its antispasmodic, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, adaptogenic, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, antiemetic and diaphoretic properties. Used in treating bronchitis, bronchial asthma, malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, skin diseases, arthritis, painful eyes and chronic fever. Maintains proper functioning and health of reproductive organs, improves nerve functioning and clears urinary system from infections for sound health of reproductive system.

Talmakhana (Hygrophila Spinosa) - An excellent herb for removing kidney stones, it has immense anti-aging properties as it promotes cell growth and nourishes cells of the body for countering age and weaknesses and also for strengthening the body. Extremely beneficial herb for improving reproductive system and functioning of reproductive organs of the body, provides youthful stamina, higher endurance and energy levels.

Tambul (Piper Betle Linn) - This herb has many uses, it is used for treating dermatitis and calming joint pain and swellings as external treatment. Used in curing alcoholism, diphtheria, methanol poisoning, cough, respiratory disorders, diuretic, ear infections, excessive thirst, excessive menstrual flow, gas, glaucoma, leprosy and intestinal worms. It is used as appetite suppressant as well as stimulant. Works as aphrodisiac and cures impotency.

Jaipatri (Myristica Fragrans) - It works as excellent brain tonic and cures mental stress, mental exhaustion, increase concentration, cures depression and anxiety. Relieves menstrual pains and its massage facilitates smooth child birth. Used in curing indigestion respiratory problems, diarrhea, blood pressure, heart problems and problems related to kidneys. Improves liver functioning and works as libido enhancer, increasing duration in bed, stamina and provides quick erections.

Kharethi (Sida Cordifolia) - This herb cures nervous system disorders and weaknesses for sound health and treats urinary diseases, rheumatism, calms pain due to elephantiasis, reduces weight, cures hemiplegia, facial disorders, ear and mouth disorders, hematuria, gonorrhea, leucorrhea, chronic dysentery, bleeding piles, liver disorders, heart problems and fever and cold. It increases sperm count and sperm motility and its nerve strengthening properties promote sound health of reproductive system.

Jaiphal (Myristica Fragrans) - This herb cures irritability, insomnia, depression, diarrhea, dehydration, running nose, eczema and hiccups. It calms rheumatic and sciatica pain and improves digestion. It is excellent in curing and preventing stress and exhaustion by boosting energy levels. It is magical in increasing a male's duration in bed immediately if taken with egg and honey, an hour before the act.

Akarkara (Anacyclus Pyrethrum) - This herb is used in treating epilepsy, paralysis and rheumatoid arthritis, it calms body pain, very beneficial in curing dental pain and problems, cures throat problems, cures inflammation and worm infestations. Use of this herb increases production of leucocytes and anti-viral interferon for sound health. It is potent herb for curing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotence and increase nerve responses by improving sensation in the genital area.

Kesar (Crocus Sativus or Saffron) - This herb is popular treatment for skin health and skin infections and is used as external and internal treatment. Vata, Pitta and Kapha regulator, good appetizer, diuretic, strengthens nerves, improves vision, anti-emesis, absorbs body odor and cures dark skin. Very beneficial in curing erectile dysfunction, libido enhancer, increase nerve response and energy levels for upbeat performance of reproductive system and organs.

Moti (Pinctada Margaritifera) - Natural moti as herb works as internal and external treatment, it revitalizes skin, blood, nerves, lymph, brain, heart and lungs. Promotes cell growth and supports eyes, liver and increase energy levels. Very beneficial herb for curing azoospermia as it increases nerve response, promotes blood circulation in the reproductive system, increase energy level, counter signs of aging and increase efficiency.

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