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Ayurved Research Foundation - Ayurvedic Manufacturing and Export Company

Ayurved Research Foundation is an Ayurvedic Research and Manufacturing Company offering a wide range of herbal products for health care and beauty. It is one of world's most respected and finest companies of Ayurveda, manufacturing the largest range of Ayurvedic remedies and herbal products in the world. Established in 2005, the company has played a pioneering role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques.

Ayurvedic Research and Manufacturing CompanyThe company was founded with a clear vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000 year old system of medicine. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, selecting indigenous herbs and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new products and remedies. The company has touched new heights all over the globe with its wonderful herbal products. Great emphasis is laid on the selection of the right type of herbs and raw materials for manufacturing the products.

While the whole world is attempting to be in harmony with nature to lead a more eco-friendly way of life, we at Ayurved Research Foundation are committed to serve mankind with high quality natural products and remedies. In producing these products Ayurved Research Foundation endeavors to meet the growing demand worldwide for herbal formulations in the Herbal and Cosmetic Industries through dedicated research and scientific application. All the products manufactured and marketed by us are backed up with clinical data. The principles in these herbal products are time tested and well documented in the Ayurvedic Science.

The manufacturing unit of Ayurved Research Foundation has modern, scientifically designed premises with the latest pharmaceutical machinery with highly qualified staff. The company has modern well equipped quality control lab and equipments for manufacturing, packaging and assurance solely dedicated in the service of Ayurveda and so to the service of humanity by manufacturing various ancient ayurvedic formulations with modern technology.

We take pride in stating that we have certified by various National and International Accreditation bodies for various certificate like good manufacturing practice (GMP), Good Product Packing (GPP), ISO 9001-2000. We are also delighted to say that Ayurved Research Foundation has launched itself into a high potential area of herbal formulations with a sound infrastructure and high standards of production.

Innovative Approach - The Key to Our Success

Ayurved Research Foundation came into existence with an innovative thought by Mr. Purushotam Aggarwal, for his passion to serve humanity. He has been in the field of Ayurveda over a couple of decades. Through sheer hard work, innovation and strong will to march with the changing times he brought the dynamism of a new age of philosophy. The advertising, marketing and promotion of the products have been carried out by Mr. Akbar Khan, a young and dynamic businessman and Director of Elite Informatics. With his innovative ideas and modern approach, the company has achieved a significant edge and recognition worldwide. He has vast experience in the field of web development and internet marketing and his mindset is always on the look of innovative business opportunities.

Under the guidance of Mr. Aggarwal and Mr. Khan, the company is primarily engaged in the practice and promotion of Ayurveda. Their in-depth knowledge in Ayurveda and vast experience has contributed a lot in the tremendous growth of the company. The company is working persistently to deliver highly pure herbal products and natural remedies. The versatility of the company has enabled it to offer products for wholesale at affordable prices.

The continuous hard work and innovative approach of our people at Ayurved Research Foundation gives us an advantage over our competitors and continues to drive our GLOBAL SUCCESS.


Ayurved Research Foundation is working towards a goal, much higher than making profitable business. The company's mission is to optimize the customers' satisfaction level and to spread the name and fame of the company around the world. We are dedicated to practice and teach Ayurveda in a way that honors its ancient tradition in the prevention, cure and rejuvenation of our customers, leading them to a balanced and holistic way of life.

For those who work at Ayurved Research Foundation, manufacturing and promoting herbal products is not just a business but reflects the complete commitment to this ancient health science, a commitment they wish to share with others.


Ayurved Research FoundationAyurved Research Foundation has a well furnished infrastructure in which every department is fully equipped with skilled and talented professionals. The infrastructure comprises manufacturing process areas, quality control section, finished goods store and rejected goods store. The building used as the production unit by the company offers it an opportunity to manufacture medicines under hygienic conditions. The production unit and storage house is free from dusts, insects and rodents and maintains sufficient provision of light and ventilation.

Ayurved Research Foundation includes separate machines for various manufacturing processes such as crushing, grinding, powdering, boiling, mashing, burning, roasting, filtering, drying filling, labeling and packing etc. The movements of workers and orderliness in operations are taken in full care by the company in the form of suitably sufficient space between two machines or rows of machines. All the production equipments and machineries have been properly installed and maintained with proper cleaning, and there we follow the proper standard operational procedures (SOPs) for cleaning, maintaining and performance of every machine.

Team Work

The company possesses a team of experienced Ayurveda doctors, pharmacists, chemists, proficient professionals and other allied workers having deep knowledge of Ayurveda. It is their combined effort and sincerity, which has helped us to reach the top most level in today's competitive market. Every member of our team has a comprehensive approach towards the manufacturing of Ayurvedic products, thus ensuring development of flawless quality every time. The team always keeps itself abreast with the ever changing market needs to fulfill the present requisites.

We at Ayurved Research Foundation are devoted to your total wellbeing.

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